KRATY 3 bars lock control system

KRATY 3 System is designed to monitor and control the process of opening bars in prison through electromagnetic locks. It allows the ongoing control of doors and bars as well as to maintain supervisory functions, including the implementation of the central block. The system also allows obtaining acoustic and visual communications with anyone at the bars. The operation of KRATY 3 is based on reading and interpretation of signals incoming from sensors located on the bars, depending on how the system is programmed and the decision of the commander.

The driver, made in the form of a standard EURO cards, is operated using a few control panels: operator panel - optimized for the current operations and commander panel - optimized for the functions of control and response in emergency situations. Information about events recorded by the system can be visualized on the synoptic table or sent to a serial printer or to a computer running the SOPS software.

  • Number of supported bars - up to 32 (one card is for 8 bars)
  • Load a single output:
    • Directly: 30VDC / 0,3 A
    • Through an executive module: 16A
  • Power supply - 12VDC / 1A (with built-in AC adapter)
  • Mechanical construction - cassette 19" 3U or wall-mount housing
Control panels:
  • One commander panel and up to 8 operator panels
  • Communication with the controller - serial RS-485
  • Power supply - 12VDC / 0.5 A with a local power supply
  • Mechanical design - freestanding keyboard or built-in hot top desk