Individual projects

In addition to our standard offer we also can perform the implementation of individual orders. We design main microprocessor controllers, synoptic tables, LED displays, and other analog circuits. We carry out all stages of the production process: from the functional and technical assumptions made by the client, through the design scheme of electronic, software and hardware, till the start-up and performance testing of the system with all documentation.



As an example of the individual order we present a table of sport performance. The kit includes:

  • Table,
  • Control keyboard,
  • Two 24 sec clocks placed above baskets

The software enables it to work in one of three modes, depending on the type of sports played:

  • Mode 1 - volleyball
  • Mode 2 - basketball
  • Mode 3 - Simplified, such as football

Table contains a clock showing the current time, the game clock, result indicators, fouls, breaks and siren signaling. It is supported by keyboard. These elements as well as two 24 sec. clocks are connected to transmission line the RS-485.

Tables dimensions are: 240 x 180 x 10 cm. It is made of black, matt board with a layer of aluminum (dibond), stiffen the aluminum construction. Additionally colorful LED displays with increased brightness were used.