DOMOFON 3 system

DOMOFON 3 System, provides bilateral acoustic connection between the console operator in the ward room, and arbitrarily chosen cell. Intercom system operation consists of reading and interpretation of the line talkative / alarm notification, and compiling the acoustic path between the console operator and talkative casket chosen. The driver, made in the form of EURO card standard, is supported by the console, which is based on a modified telephone.


The driver’s software allows to assign its physical ports, three-digit numbers corresponding to the numbering of serviced rooms, as well as recording data on all calls. Information about applications for registration by the system can be transmitted to a computer running the SOPS software. Numbering of rooms and the current time can be modified through the SOPS software or (version 2) using the operator’s console. Operating of the system is definitely improved by the displays, which deployed in key points of an object, indicate the current time or the room number from which the call was made.

  • Number of lines - up to 128 (one card is 16 lines)
  • Power supply:
    • Cards Controller - 12VDC / 1,5 A (with built-in power supply network))
    • Cassette - 12VDC / 30mA (with driver)
    • Displays - 12VDC or 230VAC / 6W
  • Mechanical constrction - cassette 19" 3U or wall-mount housing
  • Communication with the controller - serial RS-485
  • Mechanical construction:
    • WS3-25 - plastic housing, segments size 25mm
    • WS3-57 - metal case, segments size 57mm
    • WS3-127 and WS3-127/2 (two-sided) - metal housing, segments size 127mm