WIDZENIA 3 - system for visiting rooms

WIDZENIA 3 System is designed to support the visiting room of the penitentiary facility, both the controlled visions stations, and the direct visions stations. It works by compiling acoustic paths between handsets inmates, visitors and the operator, the time presentation of visits on the displays that support each position, and call recording using a standard telephone recorder. Executive module is controlled via desktop equipped with a keyboard, display and uniphone. Thanks multi-level menu it is very easy to operate. The system also provides the ability to install speakers or message buttons direct at visions station.

The Executive Module:
  • Number of ports - up to 24, including 16 controlled (one card is a four position-controlled)
  • Equipment Position - 3 uniphones, display, speaker messages (as a direct visits),
  • Standard signal recorded - a telephone line emulation
  • Power supply - 12VDC / 1A (with built-in AC adapter)
  • Mechanical design - cassette 19 "3U or wall-mount housing
Control panel:
  • Communication with the executive module - serial RS-485
  • Power supply - 12VDC with executive module
  • Mechanical design - freestanding uniphone + keyboard or built-in hot top desk