CZATA 3 supervisory and alarm system

P-ACK/M/HBCZATA 3 System is designed to supervise the work of the officers of penal institutions and to alert in situations jeopardizing their safety. It can also be used as an electronic security device of the facility and the nearby area.

The way that the system operates is based on reading and interpretation of the input line and output switching signals to signal an alarm or implementation of the so-called quiet control. Input lines are protected against sabotage: their damage is immediately reported.


 The driver is operated with a controller equipped with a keypad and LCD display. Thanks to multi-level menu on the display, it is easy to operate, similar to standard alarm system. Information recorded by the system, can be visualized on the synoptic table or be sent to a serial printer or to a computer running the SOPS software.

  • The number of circuits - up to 128 (one card to 16 circuits)
  • Load a single output - 30VDC / 0,3 A
  • Siren alarm output - 12VDC / 0,5 A
  • Power supply - 12VDC / 1A (with built-in AC adapter)
  • Mechanical construction - 19" 3U cassette or wall-mount housing
PRG manipulator:
  • Communication with the controller - serial RS-485
  • Power supply - 12VDC / 100mA downloaded from the controller
  • Mechanical design - freestanding keyboard or built-in hot top desk