REJESTRATOR 3 - sensor's state recorder system

REJESTRATOR 3 is designed for the visualization on a synoptic table the status of digital sensors such as inductive, magnetic, mechanical sensors, opening doors and windows sensors, machines and equipment sensors, etc. It performs by the reading and interpreting the status of input lines and switching on output signals to signalize the state of all sensors. Similar to the CZATA or KRATY systems it detects a short circuit or break the input line. The REJESTRATOR is maintenance-free device.

REJESTRATOR often collaborates with the KRATY system to show the status of cell bars and allows to block it when needed.

  • Number of sensors supported - up to 256 (one card is 16 sensors)
  • Number of supported Open Collector outputs - up to 256
  • Load a single output - 30VDC / 0,2 A
  • Power supply - 12VDC / 1A (with built-in AC adapter)
  • Mechanical design - Rack 19" 3U or wall-mount housing
Synoptic Tables:
  • Communication with the controller - serial RS-485
  • Mechanical design - aluminum plate designed to Built-in hot top desk or wall board with the plan object (individual performance)
  • Any type of digital sensors, whose output signal is led out through a normally open contact, galvanically isolated power supply for the sensor and another type of digital sensor module in cross-matching