Technical infrastructure of observing and control stations

We have extensive experience in comprehensive penal institutions in the field of electronic systems. Their abundance of devices makes it a very important to organize posts "friendly" for the officers, so it don’t interfere the work, and do not distract attention.

All the controls of the bars opening, CCTV equipment, alarm systems, supervisory Chat, support for the visiting room, communications were structurally made ​​in the 19 " system, which allows their installation in cabinets or racks of this standard. Such cabinets, commonly used for installation of computer network equipment, are produced in several versions, so the size can choose directly to individual needs. These cabinets provide easy access to all devices and their functional distribution, which enables easy service possibility to expand the system. In a 19 "cabinet there also is a place for patch panels: visual and telecommunication and power equipment, UPS, network noise filter or power panel, which ensures adequate electrical outlets amount. At the same time the aesthetics of 19 "cabinets enables to locate them directly in the observation and control room.

The controller dashboard contains only control keyboard connected with the rest of the system with power cables and serial transmission cables. The installation of a new system in minimally interferes with the work of officers. It simply means to place new keyboard on the desktop which is as simple as connecting a phone. In the case of constructing the new position we offer to prepare an individual project of the desktop. All keyboards will directly be built in the desktop, and their distribution will be implicated by the principles of ergonomics.

The third element of the position may be a synoptic table, to visualize the events in the facility. It is developed as a simplified scheme of the facility and nearby areas. It includes lights indicating the status of individual electronic security devices: silent alarm buttons and controls, sensors, open bars, microwave barriers, vibration sensors attached to the bars, etc. The synoptic table becomes essential when monitoring the status of several devices. This is the most effective way, information on the number of alarm events occurring simultaneously at different locations of the object can be presented.

All control devices are equipped with serial interface RS-232 which enables monitoring and recording of events with computer software SOPS.