STN-32K and STN-32KJ controllers

STN-32K controller is designed for remote operation of a Motor Zoom lens and (or) turntables. It can control up to 32 devices (camera-turntable sets). The adjustment can be done via receivers TO-0xxK series, combined with the controller with a serial link RS-485, which allows remote control of devices by up to about 3 km. In the K version devices we have used our own version of the protocol that enables them to work with a computer system. There is also a version equipped with a joystick controller STN-32KJ.
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Basic parameters:
  • Power supply - constant from 8 to 15V
  • Power consumption - 150mA
  • Number of supported receivers - 32
  • The maximum length of the transmission line - 3000m
  • Transmission protocol - A.J. Telecom (letter K)
  • Dimensions (L x W x H)
    • 178 x 127 x 39 mm (STN-32K)
    • 178 x 127 x 79 mm (STN-32KJ)