TPV-08 and TPV-16 vision switchers

Group of TPV switches is designed to work with telemetry drivers or computer systems of video surveillance. It allows to connect a tracked point directly with monitor. Switches do not have a separate keyboard – they only perform commands sent via serial link RS-485. The switch can be made in eight or sixteen-channel version.

Basic parameters:

  • Structure of the switching vision
    • 8 inputs / 1 output (TPV-08x)
    • 16 inputs / 1 output (TPV-16x)
  • Power supply - continuous from 10 to 15V
  • Power consumption - 5W
  • Transmission protocol - versions of the K, P, N, Y, L (see receivers TO)
  • An opportunity to work more than one switch - Supports up to 255 tracks of video