RS232 – RS485 TK-24S converter

TK-24S Converter is designed to change the structure of the transmission signal from RS-232 to RS-485. The device operates in SIMPLEX mode, which means that it can transmit a signal to the receiver without receiving a reply (one-way transmission). 232/485 conversion is done mainly for two reasons:

  • Increasing the transmission range,
  • Increasing the number of receivers operated on one line broadcasting.
Basic parameters:
  • Power supply - constant from 8 to 15V
  • Power consumption - 50mA (during transmission), 10mA (in a passive state)
  • Line Input - RS-232 connector D-SUB9F
  • Line output - standard RS-485, RJ-11
  • Maximum number of supported receivers - 16
  • The maximum length of the transmission line - 3000m
  • Transmission speed - from 300 to 19,200 b / s