TKM-16 remote control keyboard

TKM-16 keyboard is designed for remote control of the sixteen-channel vision multiplexer through the serial link: RS-232. Currently there are keyboard supporting three models of multiplexers. We can produce keyboards for other models, if the manufacturer provides device transmission protocol.

We also produce the TKM-16V2 keyboard version, supporting two multiplexers.


Basic parameters:
  • Controlling the multiplexer MT-1016 (keyboard TKM-16V)
  • Controlling the multiplexer HBX-16 (Model TKM-16H)
  • Control Computronik multiplexers (Model TKM-16C)
  • Easy to read layout
  • The possibility of co-operate of several keyboards
  • 12VDC power supply unstable
  • Mechanical construction:
    • Freestanding keyboard with dimensions (length x width x height) 178 x 127 x 39 mm
    • Desktop built-in desks as a hot top observational