PWR12-04 - Separative power supply unit

PWR12 AC-04 is designed to supply a stabilized voltage of 12VDC for devices with up to 4W power. It is produced in two versions: the input voltage 220VAC and 24VAC. The use of the transformer provides galvanic isolation of the device from the mains. This is an important advantage, especially in the case of many CCTV cameras being powered from the local grid-voltage 24VAC.

Basic parameters:
  • Input voltage
    • Variable 220V / 50Hz (PWR12-04/220)
    • Variable 24V / 50Hz (PWR12-04/24)
  • Output voltage - regulated 12VDC (+ / - 5%)
  • Output Current - 0 to 330mA
  • Dimensions (L x W x H)
    • 77 x 43 x 38 mm
    • 44 x 47 x 42 mm