BNC18x2 passive matrix switcher

BNC18x2 passive matrix switcher is designed for installation in cabinets or racks produced in 19 " standard. It allows connection of object coax cabling with CCTV equipment. Switcher capacity meets the needs of 16-channel video multiplexer: supports 16 cameras and 2 monitors.

The system is therefore equipped with 18 kits containing:
  • Screw connection for coaxial cable, object-designed
  • 2 BNC connectors for station coaxial cables
BNC connectors can be used in two ways:
  • Socket closed - removal of one signal to two devices
  • Galvanically isolated jack - allows you to insert additional connections between Video amp socket.
Basic parameters:
  • Number of screw connections - 16 + 2
  • Number of sockets BNC - (16 + 2) x 2, totaling 36
  • Mechanical design - 19 "2U plate