RFid reader CKR-01

Reader CKR-01 is used to identify passive transponders with Manchester broadcast standard. Code read from the card is compared with the codes stored in the nonvolatile memory of the device and in case of compliance relay is being activated. At the same time the reader transmits card code with the RS232 serial link.

Basic parameters:
  • Power supply - continuous from 11 to 14V (12V typical)
  • Power consumption - 70mA
  • Range - up to 15cm
  • Transponders - ISO cards, key chains, rings
  • Storage capacity - 63 codes
  • Load relay - 125V, 1A
  • Parameters of 232 - 9600bps, 8, 1, N
  • Dimensions of the plate (L x W x H) - 60 x 42 x 17 mm/li>