Magnetic card reader AJ-1

AJ-1 reader is a device designed to read magnetic cards. It finds many uses: from the simple door opening and control to complex systems, time recording and access control. It is designed to work with any device controlled two-stabled, for example, electromagnetic lock locking the door. Reader AJ-1B version is additionally equipped with serial interface RS-232 or RS-485, which allows communication with the readings recorder and remote control of the device. AJ-1C version is equipped with a standard 12-character keyboard, used to input additional security code.

Basic parameters:
  • Power supply - continuous from 11 to 14V (12V typical)
  • Power consumption - 100mA
  • Magnetic card - compatible with ISO standards 7810 and 7811, according to record. ISO Track 2
  • Speed ​​of the card - from 10 to 150 cm / sec
  • Storage capacity - 2000 card numbers, non-volatile EEPROM memory
  • Load relay - 125V, 1A
  • oOutput load an Open Collector - 12VDC, 150mA
  • Parameters RS232/485 - 9600bps, 8, 1, N